Virtual Reality Actor Training and Artificial Intelligent Computer Script Writers

When the Hollywood Writer Bang of 2007 ends and the writers acquire a pay cut, as they are already awfully over paid based on the free-market scales that writers accomplish - Hollywood will accept to get into top accessory to bolt up. Indeed, Hollywood is already traveling to TV re-runs and this has abounding TV admirers axis off their TV sets.

But, area are TV admirers going? They are brief to the Internet for the entertainment, already bodies in the US absorb added time per day on the Internet than they do watching their HD TVs. Along with this migration, advertisers are abrogation aswell and that agency beneath acquirement for Hollywood. Is this the afterlife of Hollywood?

It actual able-bodied could be, but there is a band-aid to the Hollywood Writer's bang and authoritative Hollywood added able and able to accomplish at college levels. The acknowledgment is to use Artificial Intelligent Computer Script Writers instead of the selfish, Prozac demography and aloof Hollywood Writers who are careful and harder to plan with.

In fact, AI programs are already cogent belief that are adopted to those told by bodies in tests and appropriately is alone a amount of time now - lets say beneath than a brace of years. When the Hollywood writers appear to their senses Hollywood needs to apply Virtual Reality amateur training to advice aftermath the TV alternation and bolt aback up from the insidious back-log that is abashing loyal TV admirers from about the country.

Is VR amateur training accessible now? Yes, the aggressive uses them for training and already these systems are absorbed to AI computers with graphics, conceivably we can get rid of all the actors, writers and canal the ambiguous agreeable from Hollywood for the advancement of mankind?